Bondi Wash – Australia’s best
Bondi Wash – Australia’s best

Bondi Wash – Australia’s best

Disliking the smell of regular cleaning products, not feeling comfortable anymore with all the chemicals in the house, suffering from headaches… For me this all led to a search for alternatives.

Long live the internet where I came across an Australian brand offering a range of natural products for the home and body. Meet BONDI WASH! As Australia is known for the preservation of its nature and wealth of biodiversity, this had to be good.

After testing a few of their products myself, I was hooked. Bondi Wash products contain between 99% and 100% natural ingredients – derived completely from plants. Their products all contain Australian botanicals which make them naturally effective. Their smell is amazing and will look elegant displayed anywhere in your home.

Do you also want a clean and healthy home? Meet here our 4 natural cleaning products of Bondi Wash.

1. Bench Spray

The Bench Sprays meet the lab test standard ‘kills 99.99% of germs’ thanks to the anti-bacterial bush oils that Bondi Wash scents are designed around. The natural oils and plant-based ingredients make this bench spray smell like a perfume but clean very effectively while killing bacteria and germs. Just spray and wipe with a damp cloth.

Bondi Wash bench spray - large2. Mist Spray

Everybody wants a fresh smelling room or house. Use this mist spray for every room or even your linens. It can even be used directly on your skin for a soft perfume. This mist spray disinfects surfaces and the air around you as the spray contains antibacterial Australian oils and meets the independent lab test standard ‘kills 99.9% of germs.

Mist spray Bondi Wash - fragonia & sandalwood
Bondi Wash mist spray; Sydney peppermint & rosemary

3. Floor Wash

Use this floor wash and be sure your baby will enjoy some happy crawling around on the floor. 🙂 It does not only smell good but also kills all the germs. Win – win!

Floor wash Bondi Wash 500ml

4. Dish Wash

Doing the dishes will be a party with this dish wash! A 500ml bottle will last 50 standard sink washes. Enjoy this 100% botanically-derived dish wash that is kind to you and the environment.

Bondi Wash dish wash 500ml

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