2019 interior trends selected for you
2019 interior trends selected for you

2019 interior trends selected for you

New year, new trends! 2019 will again bring us so many new trends. We have selected a few interior trends that we, at Home Tales Interior, absolutely value and believe in.


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Sustainability is an item that is getting bigger and becoming an important issue we can’t avoid any longer. These days lot’s of people are starting to question what they are buying, where the products come from and what materials are being used to produce each item. Following the fashion and food industry, we believe it is about time to take sustainability into account when decorating our homes.

Nature calls


Bring nature into your home by adding some color or natural, organic materials. In 2019 this trend will become more popular and we can only encourage this! Wooden floors, accessories out of bamboo or organic cotton towels and linens. Nature will enter the room and is here to stay.


Let’s slow down and enjoy crafts again. The popularity of ceramics is rising! Hand made items using sustainable materials and ceramics will be the next big thing in 2019. Say no to mass production but appreciate authentic items with unique stories. Get in touch with the makers behind the product.

Greens and blues

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Green and blue remain a trending colors for 2019. Charcoal blue or hunter green? Ice blue or olive green? These are still great options for paint colors on your walls or, if you want to play it safe, for smaller interior accessories adding a touch of color to the room. For example in your kitchen with our Blue Elise tea towel Dassie Artisan or Green Elise tea towel Dassie Artisan.

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