Ceramics love
Ceramics love

Ceramics love

Instagram posts are booming, pottery workshops are on the rise, more and more brands are picking up on the trend. For quite some time now, ceramics are back on the radar and more popular then ever before.

Ceramics have been in our lives since ancient times. The eldest man-made ceramics date back to at least 25,000 BC. Primitive ceramics were made of basic earthen materials like clay and were burnt in domes.

The word “ceramic” is derived from the Greek “keramos” meaning pottery or wine-jar. Keramos in turn was originated from a Sanskrit root – meaning “to burn”. Hence, the word Keramos was to infer “burned substance” or “burned earth”.

But enough of history, I just love ceramics for its natural properties and especially when it’s handmade. No mass production and no cup or plate is the same. Painted, gilded or even marbleized, you name it, it is out there! People say ceramics is the new yoga! I think I have to put some ceramic workshops on my to do list for 2019.  🙂

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