10 gifts for Mother’s day
10 gifts for Mother’s day

10 gifts for Mother’s day

Mother’s day is May 12th and just right around the corner. If you are looking for a nice gift for your sweet mother (in law), here are 10 beautiful options from our shop!


Bondi Wash Body Lotion & Body Wash                                                                  Bondi Wash Hand Wash & Hand Lotion

Bondi wash Hand Pamper Duo Gift Box                                                                   Bondi Wash Body Pamper Duo Gift Box

Flower girl

Brandt soy candles – 5 different scents                                                                     Studio Flash greeting card – flower girl

Dassie Artisan waffle hand towel charcoal

Dassie Artisan canister - small

Dassie Artisan Hand & bath towel                                                                             Dassie Artisan bath room canisters

Cool Soap Mood of the Day box                                                                                 Dassie Artisan ceramic vase

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