Discover the best of Greece
Discover the best of Greece

Discover the best of Greece

When I was a child we always used regular soap bars but over the years shower gel made its way to our bathroom. And I have to admit that, ever since, I am a shower gel kinda girl. Until I recently rediscovered natural soap! These past few years soap bars have become massively popular again. In my search for natural and fair brands I came across The Cool Projects and their Cool Soap Elements soap bars.

I really love the Cool Soap Elements range with the soft colors and amazing scents. But why would you buy soaps bars and no longer shower gels in plastic bottles?


#1 – No waste

Say goodbye to plastic bottles and reduce your use of singe use plastics at home! Using a natural soap bar means zero waste as you can use the entire soap bar until nothing is left and most soap bars are wrapped in paper, which you can easily recycle.

#2 – Good for your skin

Natural soaps as well as our Cool Soap range can be used for skin and hair as they are made of natural ingredients only. Most shower gels can cause dry and tight skin due to all the chemicals they contain. Natural olive oil based soap will hydrate and recover your skin easily. The one with green clay and lavender scent is ideal for oily skin. The pink clay and geranium scent as well as the white clay and jasmine scent are much milder and perfect for a combination skin. The charcoal clay and rosemary scent is perfect to use as a deep cleanser.

#3 – 2 in 1?

Sure! Use our natural soap bar from Cool Soap for your hair as well. Most of the regular shampoos we use are full of chemicals. After an adjustment period your hair will be adapted to the soap and look better than ever before without the damage of all the chemicals.

#4 – Sustainable

The ecological superiority of soap bars is true for a number of reasons. Soap bars take about five times less energy to produce than most liquid soaps. They are made of very natural oils that can be absorbed or broken down very easily where as liquid soaps might contain petroleum elements making them harsh on the environment when given the chance to accumulate.

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