Color of the Year 2020!
Color of the Year 2020!
Colour of 2020 Hometalesinterior

Color of the Year 2020!

The word is out! Earlier this month, Levis and a team of design experts have named Tranquil Dawn as the Color of the Year 2020. Tranquil Dawn is a soft shade somewhere between green, gray and blue and is inspired by the morning sky to bring the human touch to your home. Levis has created 4 different color pallets around this color with an atmosphere and style that suits everyone.

Pallet #1 – A home for care

Tranquil Dawn combined with soft sand shades to create a relaxed atmosphere in your home. Add cosy pillows & blankets, some wooden elements and houseplant to keep the soft and airy look.



Pallet #2 – A home for play

Combine Tranquil Dawn with vibrant colors like yellow, red or pink. With this mix of colors, the Color of the Year 2020 gets a quirky pastel effect and gets even more depth. This combination of colors creates a fun and playful atmosphere in the room.



Pallet #3 – A home for meaning

Tranquil Dawn is the perfect color for your bedroom. On the picture below, the walls are painted in the Color of the Year 2020, which receives an unobtrusive minimalist effect in combination with a wall and ceiling painted in another darker color, meant to be a frame and canopy for the bed. Materials such as linnen, marble and wood are perfect to keep the softness in this room.



Pallet #4 – A home for creativity

Tranquil Dawn combined with warmer and darker colors as dark green or red creates a creative atmosphere. The Color of the Year 2020 has a calming role in this palette and creates a pale contrasting shade that balances the look. Combine this look with colorful accessories such as a handmade rattan chair, floral pillows or mouth blown glass items.



Combining different colors is key! We are already use to having different colors on walls in one room. But you can take it a step further and use different colors on the same wall! Try horizontal stripes or even other shapes in a different color.

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